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Dolphin and Star Horse Oracle Card Deck:

Contemplations for Your Conscious Evolution

The Dolphins and the Star Horses are here both in the physical and in the Spirit Realm. Their love for Humanity runs deep, and they both have long histories with us. The Dolphins came to Earth from the Sirius system when their planet died.

The Star Horses arrived not long after, excited to share their wisdom with the Humans who had just started to walk the planet. They became best friends with the Dolphins as they lived in the oceans, waiting for Humanity to be ready to work with them.

When we were ready, the Star Horses came onto land, and the Dolphins continued to work with us from the sea.  Both the Star Horses and the Dolphins are on a mission to help us reach our highest potential, both as individuals and as a whole. 

They shared these messages with me as one tool to work (and play!) with them. 

There are lots of ways you can work with this deck:

  • Pull a card in the morning for a daily contemplation.

  • Pull a card for guidance with a current issue or situation.

  • Pull 2, 3, or more to get a more detailed message.

  • You can use them in spreads, or any way you like.

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