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  • Tapping Into Your Business's Inner Wisdom
    Tapping Into Your Business's Inner Wisdom
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Jul 24
    Jul 24, 2024, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
    Jul 24, 2024, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
    When was the last time you asked your business what it needs?

Tapping into Your Business's Inner Wisdom

When was the last time you asked your business what it needs?

Are you feeling stuck in your business, even when others seem to be thriving? Do you find yourself wondering why your efforts aren't yielding the results you desire? Are you ready to grow and expand, but don't know how? As a heart-centered, multi-passionate entrepreneur, it can be frustrating when you can't figure out what's holding your business back. I'm here to help you uncover the hidden areas that may be hindering your growth and guide you towards finding what your business truly needs to thrive.

What if you could tap into the inner wisdom of your business as though it were a living being? What insights would it share with you? This is exactly what my workshop, Tapping into Your Business's Inner Wisdom, offers. In just two hours, we will create a deep connection between you and your business, allowing you to access its untapped potential. Together, we will explore the hidden areas where growth opportunities lie dormant, waiting for your attention. You will gain invaluable clarity on what your business truly needs from you to flourish.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our day-to-day tasks that we overlook crucial aspects of our businesses. It's like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. My workshop is designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you who are ready to uncover those missing puzzle pieces. By delving into the depths of your business's inner wisdom, we will uncover blind spots and shed light on new possibilities that have been eluding you until now.


In this 2-hour workshop you will:

✨ Experience a connection with your business as if it were a living being with its own wisdom and guidance you can use on your own any time
✨ Gain invaluable insights into what your business truly needs to thrive
✨ Uncover hidden areas that may have eluded your awareness until now
✨ Discover who your businesses sees as your ideal audience and what they need from you (sometimes it's not what you think!)
✨ Be empowered to make informed decisions and take strategic actions that align with the core essence of your business

Imagine a world where your business effortlessly grows and thrives, where you have the power to identify exactly what it needs to get to the next level. You have the drive and determination to make your dreams a reality. You can easily learn to identify what your business needs to grow in ways you may not have been aware of. You will no longer feel lost or overwhelmed by the challenges that come your way. Instead, you will have a clear roadmap for success, guided by the inner wisdom of your business. With this newfound clarity and alignment, you will attract more clients, increase your revenue, and create a positive impact in the world.

Why did I create Tapping into Your Business's Inner Wisdom?

I'm passionate about helping curious, conscious, open-minded entrepreneurs like me unlock the full potential of their businesses. I understand the struggles you face because I have them, too. We pour their hearts and souls into our work, but sometimes we just can't figure out why what we're doing isn't working.

Throughout my journey as an Intuition Ignition Catalyst, I have witnessed the incredible power of tapping into the inner wisdom of ourselves, animals, and other beings with wisdom to share with us. It's like unlocking a hidden treasure chest of insights and opportunities. My diverse professional background, including being a former elementary school teacher, an Animal Communicator, an energy medicine practitioner, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has equipped me with a unique set of skills to guide entrepreneurs in this process. I'm also an intuitive musician, so I create the background music for my workshops infused with intentions for understanding, growth, and prosperity.

I believe that every business is more than just a venture; it's a living entity with its own desires and needs. By connecting with your business as though it were a living being, you can uncover the hidden areas that may need attention and discover what your business truly needs to thrive. Through my workshop, entrepreneurs gain valuable insights and strategies that they may not have been aware of before. Together, we create a powerful bridge between intuition and practical action, empowering entrepreneurs to take their businesses to new heights.

What to expect:

During our time together, I will guide you through grounding techniques using a soothing guided meditation. Grounding helps establish a strong energetic connection with our businesses while maintaining emotional balance and helps us to receive information clearly. You will then embark on a guided meditation that leads you into a heart-centered connection with your business. This powerful exercise allows you to experience the depth of communication possible when connecting on such an intimate level.

You'll have time to journal about your experience, and begin integrating the information you received. Now that you know what your business needs, you'll decide on your next steps to meet those needs.

What participants are saying:

"Tapping Into Your Business's Inner Wisdom helped me let go of some of the pressure I put on myself to create a business with some kind of preset expectations. I was able to experience my business as a distinct separate 'being' with a reason for being that is separate from me. It helped me feel the sense of partnership with my business and to want to help my business as though it were a person and let it help me in return. Something about this was very relieving. Being in that relaxed, intuitive session helped me relax and receive in a much more enjoyable way. Thanks!"

~ Robin Holland, The Creatorship Community

"Dawn, Thank you for the awesome workshop! Your vision to treat our businesses as partners sharing the same hearts was uplifting and insightful. I was reminded about the reasons that I started the business and what do I need to grow the business."

~Marvis Henderson-Daye, Urban Soul Virtual Line Dancing

Your business is waiting to reveal its secrets to you - are you ready to listen?

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