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Are you ready to experience the transformative power 
Intuitive Interspecies Communication?

Dawn Phoenix, CCHt, MT

Intuition Mastery Mentor, Animal Communicator


What led me to Intuitive Interspecies Communication?

It's more a who than a what. Animals have always played an important role in my life. Sweetie, pictured here with me, was the reason I became an Intuitive Interspecies Communicator.  In our 20's, my future husband and I adopted her as a rescue when she was 3 years old.  Not long after we learned she had a number of chronic illnesses.  We spent tens of thousands of dollars on vet bills, trying to keep her as healthy as we could. She was only 11 years old when we sent her Home, but her vet said her body was more like 15 years old. The picture you see here was of my last moments with her before saying a tearful good-bye.

For years afterward, I felt horribly guilty about making her wait so long for peace. During an energy medicine class in 2014, I met an Animal Communicator (the term was used back then) and she said it would be possible to communicate with Sweetie. I did connect with Sweetie and became a Certified Animal Communicator. She told me there was nothing to forgive, and she knew we did the best we could at the time. My guilt was healed, and I knew I wanted to give this gift to everyone I possibly could!

Since then, I've worked with many clients worried about their animals at the end of their lives.  I have spent the past 10 years connecting with wild and domestic animals to understand their physical and emotional desires and the reasoning behind certain behaviors. It's been my privilege to help passionate, practical animal lovers remove the blocks keeping them from fully tapping into their emotional strength. The transformation was amazing for the animals and their people!    

I've also learned it's not one-size-fits-all. I incorporate all of my modalities - Dolphin Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Healing Touch for Animals, Healing Touch (for Humans) and so much more into my work.  As a former elementary school teacher, I bring my ability to meet people where they’re at when presenting information. I know everyone learns in their own ways, and I understand the importance of learning through varied experiences.  I see the value in going back to the beginning when starting a new journey, just as we needed strong foundations in Kindergarten to support us as we move forward.

If you are an adventurous Creative wanting to connect with your emotional power and transform the relationships (animal or 2-legged) in your life, I would love to get to know you!

What is Intuitive Interspecies Communication?

Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC) is basically a fancy way of saying telepathic communication with ALL life. The term "animal communication" is quickly becoming outdated as we realize we can connect with animals as well as the More Than Humans. This includes trees and plants, bodies of water,  mountains, forests, rocks, animals, and more. 

You can find IIC in many cultures around the world, especially with indigenous peoples.  They've been using IIC since they began walking the Earth. The rest of the world is finally starting to remember their ability to tap into this deep and profound wisdom. 

That's great, but how is it being used in practical ways?

Conservation and Rehabilitation

IIC Practitioners are being called in to help understand and convey the needs of animals in life-threatening situations.

One example is to communicate with animals who aren't using the wildlife crossings under or over busy roads. IIC Practitioners can learn why the animals aren't using them and can convey the importance of using them. IIC Practitioners can also ask those animals to spread the word to other animals so more lives are saved. 


Land Management

It's also being explored to support land management efforts. During natural resource management and development, IIC gives a voice to the More Than Humans affected.  It is our duty as conscious stewards of our precious Earth to acknowledge and respect the beings who have been here long before we arrived.  What do the forests have to say about being cut down so more homes can be built?  How does the river feel when we dam it and obstruct its natural flow?  


Human-Animal Conflict

IIC also helps create compassionate and diplomatic ways of dealing with human-animal conflict. Right now, humans are clashing with orcas worldwide. What started out as dismantling rudders on sailboats in the Strait of Gibraltar has spread to other areas of the world. The orcas are sending a message, and we need to understand what they need in order to restore harmony with them.


 Our Animal Companions

IIC is also immensely helpful in  strengthening the bonds between us and our animal companions.  Their lives and ours are enhanced when we have mutual understanding of what we each need to live our happiest, healthiest lives together.

(Pictured: Sweetie and me when she was 3 years old.)


Jan Jansen, Canada

"Dawn's presence was a warm, calming force when I reached out to her during a difficult time with my cat, Izzie. After a session with Dawn, I found peace in making the decision to have Izzie put to sleep, knowing it was the right choice. Dawn's compassion and guidance made the process more manageable, and I am grateful for the support she provided. I now smile instead of cry when I think of Izzie, knowing he is happy and doing important work. I feel blessed to have connected with Dawn and am excited to book appointments for my other rescue cats. Thank you, Dawn, for your love and the invaluable gift you've given us."
My Books

Looking for a creative way to connect with animals?

Explore the wonders of intuitive interspecies communication through my delightful  books.

The Star Horses of Corolla

My Star Horses Journal

My Star Horses Coloring Book

Meditation Mandalas:

Messages from the Star Horses

Coloring Book

Creativity Is Whatever You Want It to Be (Multi-Author)


Robust Lifestyles Podcast with host Joyce Benning

Robust Lifestyles Podcast Host Joyce Benning and I had an amazing talk about animals, our personal connections to them, communicating with them in here the physical and after they've crossed The Rainbow Bridge, and more.

When we ran out of time and still had SOOO much more to dive into, Joyce invited me back!


Dawn Phoenix is available for speaking engagements and has been featured on:

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