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Album: Soulful Seasons

Featured Track

SOULFUL SEASONS is my first album! It came about when my dear friend and Soul Wisdom Mentor Regyna Curtis asked me to create background music for a part of her group program Creating Your Annual Plan. In this program, you identify your personal seasons based on your natal chart and create strategies to work with their energies in the most nourishing ways. I had taken all of the workshops and was delighted to work with her again! She provided the guidance on each season using the astrological energies they encompass, share her vision for each song, and I'd weave together the music and sounds that I hoped would capture those energies accurately. We both work intuitively, so all of the revisions were Divinely guided. We trusted in the process, and this is the beautiful result:

Embark on a transformative journey through the changing cycles of the year.  This immersive, instrumental collection of songs has been meticulously crafted to resonate with the energies of each of our personal seasons – Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring- and the astrological significance they carry.

Each season, I'll feature one track. Feel free to stream it as much as you like for free.

As you listen, you'll be transported to the heart of each season, allowing you to deeply connect with the natural world and the profound shifts it brings. These melodies are more than just music; they are a conduit to relaxation, self-discovery, and inner growth.

Soulful Seasons is your companion for honoring your own rhythms and embracing the beauty of life's natural flow. Let the melodies guide you through relaxation, inspiration, and profound self-connection, reminding you to live in harmony with the ever-changing world around you.

Raves for Soulful Seasons:

Regyna Curtis, Soul Wisdom Mentor - "As a soul wisdom mentor, I frequently guide my clients through intuitive meditative experiences called soul wisdom journeys. In my group program, Creating Your Annual Plan, the participants take a soul wisdom journey to meet with the wisdom present in each of their 4 seasons. I often play music softly in the background throughout these journeys and have felt the urge for some time to create tracks specifically for each of them.

The first time I heard one of Dawn’s musical creations, it was immediately clear that I wanted to co-create the music to accompany these experiences with her. Soon after, I began working with Dawn to co-create the album Soulful Seasons and it was one of the most beautiful and inspiring experiences as a creative. 

Dawn was able to distill imagery, sensations, emotions, and the overall themes of each season into sounds and melodies, incorporate insights I received through my soul wisdom, and blend all of this harmoniously into the essence and energy that exists within each track.

I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this collaboration and can’t wait to create more!"

Elizabeth Shepley, Course Participant and Creative Living Shenaniganizer - "Huzzah! Congratulations, Dawn. This is beautiful! "

Monica Henderson, President ⋅ MinkLife Online Community - "This morning I started my day using Dawn's song for spring. It was awesome!!!

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  • Meditations

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  • Life Coaches

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  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Ringtone/Alarm Notifications

  • and more!

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