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Have you always thought that to be “creative” you have to be good at drawing or painting? Many have taken on this definition and believe it as truth. These twenty amazing contributors are all here to expand the “societal” definition of creativity beyond a pencil and a paintbrush. ”

We have come to realize that people have defined creativity in such expansive ways! It is so exciting to hear it described as; discovering their own magic and owning it, thought moving into action and birthing potential into reality, just to name a few. These definitions and perspectives really get at a person's true essence, basically all that we are and want to be.

The wish is for you to be inspired by these stories and to feel included and empowered. We want you to notice your own strengths, perceived weaknesses and create your own definition of creativity so you can feel more joy, love and happiness. It is that simple, yet we make it that complicated. We are the creators of our own life making choices every moment. Join us in being active participants in this thing called life to embrace and own your creative expression and talents that make YOU, YOU.


  • 20 different personal approaches to creativity
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • 196 pages

Creativity Is Whatever You Want It To Be

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