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All humans benefit from taking time to play and create. Creative practices support you on this journey. Each page in this coloring book is infused with a message shared with me by the Star Horses of Corolla. Each message has also been transformed into meditative mandalas by my friend, Intuitive Artist, and Soul Wisdom Mentor Regyna Curtis for you to contemplate as you create.

Rest and relaxation can be hard to come by as adults, yet necessary for optimal brain function, restoring the nervous system, and living a joy-filled life. Need a few moments of serenity free from a screen? This is the book that will allow you that and so much more!

Coloring Books for Adults can be Used as a Mindfulness Practice and Stress Reduction - coloring is a well-known mindfulness practice and an effective tool for accessing inner peace amongst the chaos of our day to day responsibilities. Relax and allow yourself to create, explore, and play!

34 Unique Mandalas - You will find inspiration within each mandala to stimulate your creativity. Each mandala was hand-drawn through an intuitive art method and then digitized. Each image is infused with the energy of the channeled message and accompanied by a statement or question for contemplation. As a digital download, this coloring book mandalas can be printed out all at once, or one page at a time so that you can focus on a single work that speaks to you at the moment.

Great Gift Idea - A coloring book to give as a gift to loved ones who enjoy creative and spiritual practices, or are just in need of a little more art in their lives. The unique messages and channeled artwork make this book an exceptional gift.


  • 34 unique mandalas to color
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 75 pages

Meditation Mandalas: Messages from the Star Horses Coloring Book

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