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Best Friends

Intuitive Interspecies Communication Essentials

Create clear, telepathic 2-way communication with the animals in your life to enhance their (and your) emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Would you like to:

  • reduce the amount of money spent on potentially expensive, invasive, or unnecessary medical treatments for your animal friend?

  • eliminate anxiety or curb  behavior issues with the animals in your life?

  • feel empowered by knowing how to connect with your animal should they become lost? 

  • Know how to get an animal's perspective on how to best help when they are sick, injured, or at the end of their life?

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to communicate with an animal should they get separated from you 

  • Reduce anxiety and behavior mysteries with the animal(s) in your life

  • Accurately uncover an animal's history and background

  • Know how to get the animal's perspective on how to best help when they are sick, injured, or at the end of their life

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your animal friend(s)

  • NOTE: You do not have to have an animal with you in order to benefit from this course. Telepathy works over a distance, so you don't have to be near each other for it to work. A picture is helpful, but not required. 

Who this course is for?
This course is for animal lovers who are ready to re-awaken their innate ability to connect with animals through telepathy so they can improve quality of life for themselves and their animal companions, patients, and clients.

Who is this course NOT for?
This course is not for those who aren't open to telepathic communication and are not interested in strengthening the human-animal bond.

But before we continue, let me introduce myself...
And explain why I became an Intuitive Interspecies Communicator

My name is Dawn Phoenix. 

I'm a Certified Animal Communicator, Certified Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Dolphin Energy Healing Practitioner, International Best-Selling Author, and I hold a Masters of Teaching as a former Elementary School Teacher.

I've been bridging the gap between people and their animals for almost 10 years. I became an Animal Communicator to help me deal with the grief I carried for years over my beloved dog, Sweetie. That's her in the picture below. 

She came to us at 3 years old (about the time of this picture) as a rescue, and she was my everything. Sadly, Sweetie was very sick her whole life. We did our best to care for her with expensive medications, regular vet and occasional ER visits, and even blood transfusions.


One day, when she was just barely 11 years old, she lay in my lap on the kitchen floor and howled in agony. It was obvious she was suffering.  We cuddled with her all night and sent her Home the next day. But, I felt this gnawing sense of guilt from that moment on, for years afterward.  I kept wondering: Did we wait too long? 

Four years later, In 2015, I was taking a Healing Touch for Animals class and became good friends with one of my classmates.  She told us stories of her adventures as an animal communicator. Before I knew it, I was enrolled in her instructor's class and learning the basics of animal communication.


During the 2nd level of the course, we learned to connect with animals who had died.  I was too emotional to connect with Sweetie myself, but my classmates sweetly offered to for me.  I requested they beg her forgiveness for ending her suffering too late. What they told me healed my broken heart and finally allowed me to heal my guilt. 


Sweetie said "Please don't be sad. There is nothing to forgive. I knew you were doing the best you could at the time. I will always love you."  I cried like a baby and was FINALLY able to put down the guilt I had needlessly been carrying for over 3 years. 

Had I been able to communicate with her myself when she was still with us, or even soon after she passed, I never would have gone through the turmoil I did.  I would have felt her love and compassion, knowing she didn't hold anything against me.


I became an animal communicator to help make sure other people don't go through what I did with their animals, and to help them be the best friends to their animals they can be. 


Intuitive Interspecies Communication Essentials Course provides step-by step procedures
for identifying from the animals' perspective
what they need to reduce
physical, mental, and emotional problems.

What my clients and students are saying:

I've been partners with my two horses for over ten years each, but I felt there was a way we could still have a deeper connection. Along with getting to know my animals and myself better, the group setting was very supportive and encouraging. Dawn created an environment where everyone can feel accepted.

Joyce Bloemkr, Student

I just started leasing my horse and wanted to find out more about his background and why he didn't like to be caught or be touched around his head.  I learned a lot about him and what was causing the behavior.  Dawn was very helpful! 
She is very kind, easy to speak with and insightful.  It is very clear she loves animals and they love speaking with her.  I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.
(3 months later) Enrique and I have come so far. He's starting to be one of the barn favorites instead of the feared one, like he used to be known as. He absolutely loves when I take him out on trail rides.  He's taking it all in and making up for the lost time. It helped so much talking to you and having a better understanding of where he's coming from. It made such an impact on our relationship and strengthened our bond. Thank you, again.
At my first show with him, he came in Champion in one division and Reserve Champion in the other. He was a perfect boy!

Amy Hardesty, Client

Dawn is very professional, and she is also very keenly in tune with animals. Even my skeptical husband had to agree, that "whatever she did, it seems to have worked!"

Kay DuBois, Client

In this program you will get access to:

  • 6 LIVE classes to learn step -by-step animal communication techniques, time to practice them in class, and Q & A at the end of every class 

  • Access to the recording of the class in case you missed any live sessions

  • A private, supportive community of other animal lovers (and me!) to share experiences, ask questions, give and receive feedback. (On my website, NOT on social media!)

  • PDFs of the step-by-step procedures, protocols for tuning in to animals, and other supporting documents

  • A  list of resources to explore outside of the course to support your growth and expansion as an animal communicator

  • A one hour, private 1:1 coaching session with me over Zoom or on the phone over the course period

  • A library of Bonus Content including expert interviews and Q & A with veterinarians and other animal professionals

  • Free lifetime access to all versions  of the course, updated bonus content library, and updated resources

  • Students discount for my animal communication services

When will the course take place?

Late August. Exact dates TBD based on what's best for the majority of students. 

The 6 weekly classes will be held online through Zoom. Recordings will always be available if you can't make it live, but please make every effort to be there. You will receive the most feedback and support from me and your peers this way.

Price: $997 USD

Payment plans will be offered when registration opens

Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee (as long as all assignments up to th
e first 30 days are completed)

What we'll cover in the course:

Week 1:
Understanding Intuitive Interspecies Fundamentals


  • What Animal Communication Is (and Isn't)

  • Uses for Animal Communication in Every Day Life    

  • Creating a Grounding Practice     

  • Utilize tools such as meditation to help quiet the mind, allowing you to be a clear and open channel.     

  • Q & A    

Week 2:
Gathering Preliminary Information about an animal and learning the step-by step protocol for tuning in to an animal 

  • Ethics of Animal Communication

  • Ways to discern the animal's messages from your own thoughts

  • Signs that communication took place


  • Exploration of scientific research around intuitive interspecies communication

  • Gathering Preliminary Information to help you tune into the right animal 

  • Protocols for Tuning In to help you trust the information you get is authentic  

  • Q & A    

Week 3:
Discovering your unique ways of receiving and sending information

  • Explore various ways to send and receive telepathic information that go beyond words.

  • Practice how you best receive telepathic information through my live guided meditation.  

  • Practice receiving information from an animal 

  • Q & A    

Week 4:
Communicating with Lost Animals

  • Understand reasons animals become separated from their people

  • Learn the protocol for communicating with a lost animal

  • Dealing with disorientation

  • Using a pendulum and map dowsing


  • Create a "reunion plan" with your animal(s) to minimize confusion during a chaotic event 

  • Practice ways of receiving information about an animal's location 

  • Q & A    

Week 5:
Addressing Anxiety and Behavior Issues

  • Understanding some common causes of anxiety

  • Understanding common causes of behavioral issues

  • Discovering the root cause of anxiety with compassion

  • Addressing behavior issues with diplomacy

  • Practice one of these protocols with an animal

  • Q & A

Week 6:
Uncovering an Animal's History

  • Knowing when it's helpful to inquire about an animal's history

  • Ethics of a history request

  • Past Lives of Animals

  • Q & A

  • End of Class Celebration - Congratulations on how far you've come in creating a deeper and more meaningful connection with the animal(s) in your life!

If you have any questions, please email me: 

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