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With the birth of a new decade, it’s time for humanity to take our place as loving stewards of our Earth and all of her inhabitants. Children are our greatest teachers and guides in this mission, and we must do everything we can to support them.

For the first time ever, the enigmatic “wild Spanish Mustangs” living on the beaches of Corolla, North Carolina reveal their secrets. Where did they REALLY come from? (Hint: It isn’t Spain!) Why are they here? What can we learn from them?


Certified Animal Communicator Dawn Phoenix’s interview with the lead stallion, Jacko is the basis for this true story. Speaking directly to children, Jacko’s messages of wisdom, inspiration and the horses’ love for humanity will inspire young and old alike. Children are our planet’s future caregivers, and the Star Horses support them with easy ways to stay anchored in love, light, and peace in a chaotic world.


  • Full color, mesmerizing pictures
  • 7x10 inches
  • 37 pages

The Star Horses of Corolla

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